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Newbie questions

I am very new to Roku but now have hooked up the Roku Streaming Stick+ on one of our 3 TVs and have questions. First, I have one pay channel on free trial right now and also a free trial for that the right name?  LOL!  Told you I was a newbie and I get confused a bit between my Roku stuff and my Hulu stuff!  Anyway, I plan to keep those two "pay for" things but sometimes when I go on a show, I believe, it says "may have additional fees" and I wonder what 'may" means?  I don't want to pay for things I don't have to for sure!  

Also, I have the free trial on the DVR and wonder if I really need it?  I mostly recorded on DISH as I was too busy to watch at original times.  Wondered if I need it as isn't streaming the way to see whatever you want at any time?  Do I need a DVR to fast forward or go back during a show?  How do I go ad-free...on Hulu or Roku?  

I'm sorry to sound so dense and I think I will be able to do this as soon as I learn this new way to watch TV but I also want to share this info with my sister who is way NOT technologically savvy!  Trying to grasp this in the simplest way so I can tell her so she can ditch cable TV also!  Thanks for any help!

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Re: Newbie questions

Ok, so no help. I figured my questions out for the most part I guess but it's a bit frustrating if there is no way to get any phone support.  Oh well, that was why I came here but thanks anyway!

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Re: Newbie questions

Sorry, never saw the original post myself. I don't use Hulu personally, so can't address anything within that channel. But I believe that Hulu has different pricing tiers with varying content levels. The DVR is probably one such variation. As to the DVR, if you have it via Dish, and there's nothing on Hulu that you can't get via Dish, then there's not much reason to have both. 

Roku themselves doesn't have different tiers, or member levels. The ads you see on the Roku home screen are there no matter what. But except for The Roku Channel, they themselves don't offer any content and don't control the ads you see. So there's no such "ad-free" for the Roku itself. Now there are certainly many channels (apps) available on Roku devices that offer free content with ads, and there's also some that require a subscription (such as Hulu), and within those channels there could be different service levels. Netflix and Amazon don't have any commercial ads, although Amazon does throw an occasional internal ad for something they offer. 


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