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New user and major Apps missing

I've just registered a Roku Express and started to use my Netflix sub (already existed) and BBC iPlayer without a problem even though I've not registered a credit card.  However I can't find some of the other major UK streaming Apps anywhere  on the Express stick even in the Roku Store (specifically missing ITV Hub / All4 / My5).   I can find them all if I use the same Roku account on my laptop.  How do I access them on my Roku Express stick to use on my TV?  Any help appreciated!

Further investigation:  if I open the Roku Store on my laptop without signing in then I can find the missing apps and they show with the Add Channel highlighted.  However if I select Add then I am directed to Sign In and after I do that the Apps disappear.  It seems I am redirected from a UK version of store to the USA version.  So I can access the UK store if I'm not signed in but when signed in I am barred from the UK store even though located in the UK.  Catch 22. confirm this my HOME page now shows the USA flag.

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Re: New user and major Apps missing

You may have created a new account located I'm the US.

Try creating an account with a UK location.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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