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Need Setup Help with Older System

I have an older system, and will be moving soon, so I don't want to upgrade until I'm in the new place.

I have a 20 year-old Runco rear projection TV (built in), which was HDTV-ready. My AV Contoller is the Onkyo Integra 9.4. Here's the link to the Onkyo Integra 9.4 Manual.

A friend just got me a Roku Stick (Streaming Stick +). Any way I can use this with my system?





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Re: Need Setup Help with Older System

All Roku's are HDMI only (except for some Express+ which have a composite output.) Your receiver has no HDMI, and no current Roku has optical or coaxial audio. If the TV has HDMI, you can at least use it there. If it has an output that you can feed the receiver, you may at least get stereo. Otherwise, you would need an external adapter to create an optical/coaxial audio, and continue the video to your TV.

If the TV doesn't have HDMI or DVI, but does have component, you can try something like this:

If the TV has DVI, you can get a simple HDMI to DVI adapter to pass the video through, but you would still need to extract the audio.

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