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Level 7

NEWBIE question please help Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

just got my first Roku 3800R Streaming Stick and noticed a few things that would be great.

my remote has 4 preset buttons for netflix sling, etc
is there a way to reprogram those buttons for other channels?

using my Roku to watch xfinity channels is really difficult given I have over 800 channels and there is no number keypad on remote.
how can I use the voice remote to jump to specific channels?  i.e. change to channel x or go to channel x etc

once I get 1 Roku setup with all of my channels, activate the individual channel accounts, etc
is there a way to replicate this for multiple ROKU devices or does it have to be done 1 by 1?

appreciate your help!
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Level 10

Re: NEWBIE question please help Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

1. No the buttons are paid for by those companies so cannot be changed
2. It would be up to the xfinity people to implement such voice control features.
3. After you set up your Roku the same channels will be installed on all of your units using the same account.  I believe TV Anywhere logins will also transfer, but I cannot verify that personally.  Channels like Netflix/Amazon/etc will have to be authorized per device.
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Level 11

Re: NEWBIE question please help Roku Streaming Stick 3800R

I believe the voice button can only be used to control the Roku searches, and not much else, especially once you're inside of a channel.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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