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LG TV not playing Roku

Hoping someone can help with a recent problem. I have an LG 55L W5600 TV and a Roku 3810x. Since getting this Roku in January the remote would occasionally have connection problems but would eventually work. Within the last week, the remote will not connect to any Roku plugged into the HDMI ports on the TV. I have tried multiple different Rokus on this TV and I get the same results. The other Rokus work on other TVs but not this one.  I have four HDMI ports and two USB ports and have tried all the ports in multiple configurations. The Roku works fine on other TVs but something is going on with the particular TV. Everything loads up and it looks like it is ready to be used, but without the remote connecting to the Roku, it is useless. Has anyone else encountered this?  If so, is there a fix besides buying a new TV or ditching the Roku?

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