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Input failure

My Sanyo tv is a kinda older model that can be used as a PC monitor. The cords that the Roku Express came with wouldn't fit my tv, so the lady at Walmart showed me a hdmi to av adapter. I got it home and got everything plugged in according to the directions. I turned the tv on, and started going through the different input options, waiting a few minutes before trying the next one - so that I could finish the setup. It didn't respond to any of the input options except for causing my DirecTV to come on. The blue light on the Roku receiver is lit. Still nothing, even fiddled with the menu options for the tv itself- nothing. What am I doing wrong? I've already sunk almost $80 into this and mom is not going to just let me buy a new tv when my old one still works well....

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Re: Input failure

80 bucks? thats half the price of a new TV at Best buy.

I hope you have the receipt. The Tv does sound ancient.

Obviously you should put your foot thru it and explain to your

Mom its broken now.


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Re: Input failure

Without knowing the specifics of the HDMI-AV adapter they sold you, there's no way to really know if it can work or not. However, Roku officially doesn't support using any sort of video adapter with their products. 

The problem with using adapters is that with a digital connection (HDMI), the two devices talk with each other to determine resolution and audio support. The adapter is interrupting that communication, so the Roku doesn't know what to send. Some adapters have internal switches to help work through this, but if your TV doesn't have HDMI it most likely isn't a 16:9 display. And the Roku is not capable of outputting a 4:3 video signal, because it's not equipped with analog outputs. If you can find an older Roku Express+ model 3910, it would support your TV. But no $30 adapter is going to be capable of making a new Roku work correctly on an older TV.

Use that TV as a computer monitor and go get a modern HDTV. 


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