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Level 7

I am presently connected to cable.

I disconnected my set top cable box and am trying to set up Roku (which is connected).  I can't access the "input" screen because the TV says I can't access "On Demand".

What else do I need to do to switch to the Roku setup? Or, what else to temporarily disconnect from cable.

I don't want to cancel cable until I determine if Roku will work well.

Yes, I am absolutely not a techie.

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Level 12

Re: I am presently connected to cable.

It sounds like you need to change your TVs "INPUT".  It's likely set to Cable (ie the Coaxial cable cord input is what it's set/searching for).  Change it to HDMI if the Roku has an HDMI cord, or if its an older Red/Yellow/White cables it would be something like 'Component'.

You should be able to do this on your TVs Remote by looking for INPUT on it. Make sure to look on the TV remote (if you still have it) not the cable companies remote. Otherwise there's likely a button on the side of or bottom of the TV although maybe the cable remote has it.

HDMI cable would just be one single cable with a narrow rectangular square connection.
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