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Humming Noise and Heat from new Roku Stick

I am brand new to Roku and have just purchased two Sharp Roku TV's and a Roku Streaming Stick (3800R).  TV's work great.  The stick however makes a humming noise and is very hot to the touch.  It causes a 19 inch non-smart Samsung flat screen to lockup.  I had to unplug the Roku stick from the electric outlet on the wall and plug it back in to reset the stick and get it to work again.  Is this normal for Roku sticks or should I return it to Best Buy and get another one as this one is defective?  I cannot plug in the Roku stick into the TV as it gives a low voltage warning. I now feel the Roku Stick is unsafe and is a fire hazard with the buzzing and temperature.  What should I do?

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Re: Humming Noise and Heat from new Roku Stick

They do get warm but they shouldn't make noise..

Return it for a replacement.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Humming Noise and Heat from new Roku Stick

It sounds like you may have what is called a "ground loop". Are the TV and Roku plugged into the same wall outlet or power strip? You can also see if you can plug in one or the other's plug (only one, not both) into the outlet the other way (assuming both are not polarized plugs.)
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