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How to use a projector with Roku?


I am going to apologize in advance for my ignorance on how technology works Smiley Happy

We are finishing a garage and the upstairs is like an apartment.  We are toying with the idea of using a projector instead of a TV to save space and for a cleaner look.  We have the Roku Express, and want to use it to play Sling, Netflix, etc. up there.

The screen or wall we would play it off of would be about 15-20 feet away from where we would put the projector.

First, what projector would be best? Amazon has about a zillion choices.

Second, I assume the little Roku device would have to go into the projector HDMI cord?  If this is correct, how do we change channels, etc. if the Roku device is behind us from where we are viewing the TV?  Is there any other configuration that would work?

Lastly, we cannot remember if we need an actual cable (Spectrum) to go to the projector, or if Roku operates on wifi only? We do have a new booster to get the signal out there.

Thank you in advance for any advice and suggestions Smiley Happy

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Re: How to use a projector with Roku?

I won't make any projector recommendations. You are right that there are many choices, and your needs might make a difference in what you look at.
All Roku players except the Express/ + use Wi-Fi direct for their remotes, so they can be anywhere in the room and still control the player. I would suggest the Roku Stick +, as it has improved wireless and can offer 4K, in case you get a 4K projector. With the Stick, you don't need an HDMI cable to the projector, just plug the Stick directly into the projector.
However, if you desire using an Audio Video Receiver (AVR) so you can have full 5.1 (or more) surround sound, then you will need to run an HDMI cable from the AVR to the projector. You now have more options for feeding a signal to the projector. You could still use the Stick, only connecting it to the AVR. Or you could use one of the separate Roku players, again connected to the AVR. In addition, you could add a Blu Ray player for disc playback and again just connect it to the AVR. 
You mention a TV cable. I am assuming you mean cable TV service. Be aware that neither the projector nor any Roku player has a TV tuner, so they cannot be used to view your cable channels. You would have to use a cable tuner box (provided by your cable operator) and connect it to your AVR or projector via HDMI. That would provide your TV channels. 
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Re: How to use a projector with Roku?

Thank you so very much for your detailed reply!  That all makes a lot of sense. I really appreciate it!
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