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How to stop and exit playback

I want to make sure that I'm exiting Roku properly. So if I wanna stop watching something, I usually just press the back arrow (Roku 3) and then home button. Some people say that you need to press pause first and then back arrow, so which way is the best? 



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Re: How to stop and exit playback

I don't think it matters, as long as you get to the Home screen. This is to assure the Roku doesn't continue to stream when you're not watching and wasting your data allowance with your internet provider.
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Re: How to stop and exit playback

Not at all necessary to hit pause first. The Back button will stop whatever's playing. Hitting the Home button at any time will also stop playback, as well as exiting the loaded channel. 

The problem with pressing the pause button, you might neglect to hit back or home. Someone might distract you, or something else gets your attention. With many channels, if it remains paused for an extended time (I have no idea what that time might be), it will resume playback, even if you've turned the TV off. So it's using your bandwidth unnecessarily. 

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