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How to record a Roku channel

I'm thinking of dropping AT&T Uverse and going Roku + Hulu+ Live, with Hulu cloud DVR. The only issue I am seeing is that my family and I have really gotten into watching the SUMO bi-monthly tournaments from Japan via the TV channel NHK. Now, NHK is obviously on AT&T Uverse, and I have found that it is a ROKU channel, but it is NOT a channel on any version of Hulu or any other streaming service with cloud DVR. AND... we want to be able to watch our Sumo tournaments from recordings at the time we want to watch them (Sumo tournaments happen every other month for 15 days).

So, anyone have any suggestions on how I could record the NHK channel that I would be getting via Roku since it seems Roku does not have any sort of cloud DVR services?

This is a show-stopper, so if not available I will have to keep paying the $200/month to AT&T. Any ideas much appreciated! Paul

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Re: How to record a Roku channel

A Roku TV is the only Roku device that I know that has the ability to store what is being watched, but I'm pretty sure it only works with over the air broadcasts. You can't record anything that you're streaming, due to DHCP requirements. 

Is there any chance NHK is available on one of your local stations as a sub-channel? We happen to get it here in the Seattle area on one of the PBS stations (28-4). You could then record the OTA signal with a computer and a tuner card, or some dedicated TV tuner/recording devices. 

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