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How to Install and Use a Second Roku in Another Room

I have Roku Express in one room to watch YouTUBE videos.

I wish to purchase another Roku Express for a second room, also to watch YouTUBE videos.


Can I use same Roku account for BOTH Roku devices.

Can I use came YouTUBE account to view videos on BOTH Roku devices at the same time?

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: How to Install and Use a Second Roku in Another Room


Thanks for the inquiry.

Yes you can link multiple Roku devices to the same Roku account. You should be able to use the same YouTube account on both of those devices at the same time.

For more information about having multiple Roku devices linked to your account, visit our Support page here: Do I need a separate Roku account for each of my Roku® streaming devices?

For specific information regarding YouTube accounts, we would recommend reaching out to YouTube support. You can reach them here:


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