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How does Roku work with Hotspot?

Want to get rid of Moms expensive cable bill. She has an iPhone with hotspot and flat screen tv(not fancy).

step by step- how does roku work with a hotspot, which roku should I get?

channels she wants are hgtv and a pbs channel for antiques roadshow and our local wink news station 34135

im not techy so when explaining please assume there’s no “Base knowledge “

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Roku Employee
Roku Employee

Re: How does Roku work with Hotspot?


Thanks for the inquiry.

For more information about Roku, we would recommend taking a look at the following Support pages:
What is a Roku® streaming player?
What channels can I watch on my Roku® streaming device?

We don't typically recommend using mobile hotspot connections for streaming, but rather recommend the use of a home wireless network if available.


Danny R.
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Re: How does Roku work with Hotspot?

Danny - 

Just curious: why is is not recommended to use ROKU w/ a mobile hotspot?  We are looking at doing just that while camping and using  Verizon mobile hotspot.  The download speed is between 22 - 25 Mbps.  Is that sufficient to run the ROKU?

Thanks for the info.  


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Re: How does Roku work with Hotspot?

That's more than enough speed, but check the fine print on your "unlimited" plan if you have one.  If you don't, you'll quickly blow through your data.  Even if you do, your carrier is likely to throttle your speed after you've used some amount of data making streaming impossible.

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