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Hooking up RokuExpress+ to an old TV

I have an older TV that has only a cable input. I bought a RokuExpress+ with the composite video RCA output plugs — with the thought that I could plug this into the corresponding composite inputs of an old VCR, then hook the VCR up to the TV via that unit's cable output. With the VCR in Source rather than Play mode, I figured this would work.

But while I do hear the typical audio sounds of the Roku through the TV — as well the sounds made when I push various buttons on the Roku remote — I do not get any video. I'm quite sure everything is hooked up correctly (red to red/white to white/yellow to yellow). Further, when I hooked the RokuExpress+ into a small play-only monitor (i.e., a unit that has no tuner in it) I found at a junk store, it worked perfectly.

Anyone have any ideas as to why my plan doesn't work? Or any suggestions on how I could get the Roku to work with the TV that has only a cable input?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Hooking up RokuExpress+ to an old TV

Rather than use a VCR, just use an RF modulator. They are around $5-$15 on Amazon. You may even be able to find one at a local store.
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