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Help with Roku Express

Below is an e-mail to Roku support, I haven't gotten a reply yet (weekend?).  I have read all of the Help FAQ's on but no help although good reading. I thought you fine folks might have an Idea.........Thx

 When I connect ROKU to my Sharp LC-37SB24U HDMI port (either one) I get an error msg. "An incompatible video signal has been received. Check the output device settings" I assume that means the settings on the Roku? How do I do that if I can't get the video?
I connect the Roku to another TV and set the video to "Auto" , reconnect to the Sharp. Same error msg.
I updated the firmware on the Sharp, no luck.
It works well on 2 other TV's but I need it on the Sharp.
Now what? Smiley Sad

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Re: Help with Roku Express

Sounds like the Roku isn't getting the capabilities of your TV.  Connect it to one of the other TVs that work and set the Roku to the the correct display settings for the TV that doesn't work and then move it back.
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