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Help With Cutting the Cord & Finding Content

Hi all. I have to ask wtf because I am confused.  I am no dummy but there are so many choices and options my head is spinning. For example, I want to watch a certain show or channel but there are ten options to watch any given bit of content. Each option is limited or chopped up in some way. 

So I cut the cord but now need to replace it and the fees and costs are adding up. And now I lack the unified guide and dvr functions. 

How do you deal with this mess?

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Re: WTF?

My solution is quite simple:
I like to watch certain sports so I activate the following channels and subscribe to the sports package needed:
1. MLS - For entire season
2. Fox Soccer channel - It was not available on Roku until just recently but I used a computer attached to my TV. But now that it is available on Roku it will be much more valuable.
3. NHL - I only activate this for the second half of the season
4. WatchESPN - No subscription needed for what I need from ESPN most of the time
Also I usually activate Sling TV from time to time during the year on a monthly basis to get some matches of interest that are not available from the above

Aside from that I own a huge library of media and I record some OTA and those I play through Plex.

That covers every bit of my TV needs.
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Re: WTF?

here's a good overview guide on how to do it, and what you need for various scenarios.  you got one above if the priority is sports.

you'll probably have to buy a "skinny bundle" plus some premiums if you like shows on AMC.  there's also the odd network that forces you subscript to their app like CBS.  there's also the issue of dvr - does the service have one or not and is it functional.

i feel you as i keep looking at cutting the cord and for my wife and i it doesn't make sense yet. it is a bit confusing. my daughter has cut the cord while at college.  my son who's still at home rarely watches tv except for nfl football.

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Re: WTF?

Cutting the cord can work great for some people, and not at all for others.

Some people are OK with just Netflix material.  They don't watch too much TV so they can be occupied by the shows and movies available on Netflix.  This will cost them maybe $50 for a Roku (or free with a Smart TV) and $11 per month, a huge savings in most cases.

Then you have people (and families) who want a lot of content.  The services now start to add up.  Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime, Sling, etc. etc.  So now you end up only getting a slight discount from your old cable bill, but you often have more of the type of content that you want instead of 500 channels and nothing you want to see on.

Then you have the kinda shady ways.  If someone you know has cable, you can use their password to get all of the free content that is offered to cable subscribers.  HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, FXNow, Starz Play, History, TLC, SciFi, MTV, Comedy Central, etc. etc. etc, there are dozens of them.

Then you have the even more shady option of using Kodi.  I have never done this, but I know a lot of people do and get lots of free content.
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