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Help Roku 3400 stick to work with HDMI

I have a Roku 3400 stick (I believe it has an "MHL HDMI" port).  How do I get this to work on my TV which has only Normal HDMI port ?? 

There are plenty adapters out there with USB and HDMI male pins which can not support this device, is there an adapter available that takes MHL HDMI in (with usb or some sort of power like from USB cable) and gives out a a Normal HDMI output ??

MyThe device looks like this:

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Level 11

Re: Help Roku 3400 stick to work with HDMI

None.. the TV needs to have an MHL HDMI at the very least, if not be a "Roku Ready" TV.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Help Roku 3400 stick to work with HDMI

Any money you put into it should go into a new stick.  Doing anything to get that stick workign would be money down the drain.
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