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Help getting started with Roku devices, including setup, connecting your device to your TV, linking a Roku device to your account at, adding channels, subscribing to services, and more.
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Firestick setup

I just set up the Roku app on my firestick and logged into my Roku account using the Firestick.  However, even though the Firestick is logged into my account, it does not show up as a registered device on my account.  When I try to add a device, I get a message saying enter the ID displayed on my screen, but there is not an ID displaying.  How can my Firestick be logged into my account and yet not be activated on my account?  I can’t add additional channels with finding a way to activate it.  Thanks for any insight. 

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Level 12

Re: Firestick setup

Well I don't know anything about Firesticks so I find your message very confusing, but I'll throw out a few thoughts anyway:

Aren't firesticks supposed to be connected to Amazon accounts?

I believe the device registration screen you are talking about within your Roku account is for Roku devices. This is the first time I have heard of trying to connect other types of devices to a Roku account.

I think what you have on your firestick is a Roku Channel app. ie: it is like the Roku Channel on a Roku, but it is not a Roku device.

Does that help? 

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