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Express+ and Component cables

Hello, I recently purchased a Roku Express+ for a bedroom TV to replace an old Sony media box that recently become unsupported by the major streaming services. The TV is an older flat screen that lacks an HDMI port. It does however have a set of component cable ports in addition to a standard RCA AV set of ports. I tried hooking the Roku Express+ to the standard RCA AV ports, however the picture was extremely poor. It wasn’t just a little soft from being from a set of analog RCA AV parts, it actually looked like there may have been something wrong with the video port on the back of the TV. I tried unplugging and replugging the cable into the TV and the Roku Express+ without much success in improving the picture quality. My question is this. In light of the softer picture quality anyway, what are my options for attaching the Roku Express+ to the TV with some kind of component cable adapter?


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Re: Express+ and Component cables

There are some HDMI to component adapters. I think I've even seen them in stores like Target under the RCA brand. They were around $30-$40 if I remember. Depending on the adapter, you may even be able to get HD with it, and not limited to SD.

That said, some basic TV's are getting so cheap it may be better to just replace the TV. Even a cheap TV may have a better picture than an older, pre-HDMI TV.

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