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Does the Ultra 4800R have issues?

I just came from ebay. I never owned a Roku.  I planned on purchasing the Ultra because of the features it has but then I read they're some defects issues. Something like flickering lights and black screen. I would look at the price between Roku and eBay and find that eBay sellers are selling it for a lot less. Range is between $40 to retail price ($99). I even seen bidding at even lower cost between $1-40 plus shipping cost. So I'm thinking that's weird most people would resell to make a profit especially if the product is good and out of stock but on eBay there is tons of sellers getting rid of the Ultra. So what gives? 

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Re: Does the Ultra 4800R have issues?

There are "defects" (issues/limitations) with all devices.

Is there a specific issue you are having with a Roku, or otherwise concerned about?

If not, buy the Roku, and return/refund/exchange/warranty RMA if has an issue/doesnt meet your needs.

FTR, the 2 4800s I own dont have any significant issues that preclude their daily usage.

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