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Do I need a converter to attach roku to my hdmi jacks?

I have an older tv that has hdmi jacks that are rca plugs, ie the colored single pronged hole. It does not have the many-pinned attachment port.  Will the roku stick that I have ordered come with the appropriate connectors?  Or will I need to purchase a converter?  If so, what is the exact type of converter I need.  I viewed something on amazon that was 30 bucks and before I buy this I want to make sure that it is the correct product and whether I even need to buy one.

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Re: Do I need a converter to attach roku to my hdmi jacks?

Before HDMI, there were composite (3 connectors) and component (5 connectors) video connections.  I don’t think any current model of Roku comes with anything to support those.  There used to be a specific Roku model that was intended for old composite TVs but I think that has been discontinued.

I just browsed some converters on Amazon.  I would say read the reviews, and make use of Amazon's returns if necessary.

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Re: Do I need a converter to attach roku to my hdmi jacks?

Make sure it's HDMI to RCA.  Some converters go the other way.  It's hard to recommend one in particular because they're kind of hit or miss.  Like @Strega said, read the reviews.

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