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Default installed apps

I set up multiple new rokus with my account and each new one downloads every app I've ever added to any.  Is there anywhere I can control this app list, like remove some 'installed' apps from my account so they don't get added to new rokus automatically?

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Re: Default installed apps

If you remove one from one, it deletes from all boxes. If you add to one, it adds to all. It's a per-account setting.

To get around this, create a Roku account for each box that you'd like unique apps on.
Yeah, I got some Rokus.
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Re: Default installed apps

Your channels are tied to your ACCOUNT, not to the individual DEVICE, so you get all the same channels on all devices.  The only exceptions are that some of the newer channel versions may require advanced hardware features not present in some older, less capable units.  In such cases, the older units will receive older versions of the channel app if available, or if no version is available that will run on the older unit, the unit won't install the channel at all.

As mentioned by jeffrock above, if you want separate channel assortments, you can create additional Roku accounts (each requires a unique email address) and add the channels you want to each.  Then tie each device to the account of choice.

I only have or need the one account so I don't know what effect having multiple Roku accounts has on channels to which you must pay for subscriptions.  My conjecture is that if you subscribe and pay for them via Roku they will only be available in the Roku account through which you subscribe.  If you want to have them available in multiple accounts without having to pay for each one separately, you should probably subscribe to them directly with the channel providers via their website rather than through Roku.  Perhaps someone familiar with this situation can confirm or deny.
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Re: Default installed apps

One thing that would be cool - if offered as an option - is to have the ORDER of the apps the same on all devices. Again, only if this was optional and not manadatory, of course.
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