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Connecting a Roku to a Roku TV

I have an older TCL Roku TV which I've been using for a couple of years. Of late it's starting to show its age, not in the TV section, but in the Roku functions. It's incredibly slow both to start up, and to load Netflix or other channels (but especially Netflix). Once Netflix is loaded, it's slow to scroll through thumbnails, and won't autoload video on any but the first channel you land on. It also has the problem where you have to reboot it every few days to keep Netflix from crashing.

It's pretty obvious that the Roku TV's circuitry is not up to the the job of running Roku functions anymore. So, last night I tried connecting my Roku Express to it so see how that worked. It did work just fine; there's even a Roku label for the HDMI port that you can use, so obviously Roku foresaw this sort of situation. The Express is as zippy as ever, a welcome change from the slow-as-molasses built-in Roku performance.

However, one thing is kind of bothering me about this setup. Probably my favorite feature of the Roku TVs is that you can control them with one remote, which has much simpler buttons than most TV remotes. However, if I use the Express plugged in to the Roku TV, I now have two remotes to deal with, which is annoying.

I know the newer streaming sticks have an on-off button programmable to use with a non-Roku TV. Does anyone know if this same on-off button can be used with a Roku TV? Also, if anyone at Roku is listening, it would sure be nice if some of your boffins could come up with a way for us to use just one remote with both a Roku TV and a plugged-in separate Roku unit. The remote would need to be able to control the OTA TV functions of the Roku TV (on-off, volume control, channel changes etc.), as well as the functions of the outboard Roku unit once it was plugged in. If you wanted to be REALLY slick, you could have an option where the external Roku channels could appear as if they were the internal Roku channels, replacing the Ruku channels being served up by the (now obsolete) internal Roku circuitry.

Anyway, if anyone has experience attaching a newer streaming stick to an old Roku TV, I'd be interested in hearing about whether you can integrate the universal remote functions on the Roku TV.

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Re: Connecting a Roku to a Roku TV

I would suggest that, going forward, all new ROKU models have programmable remotes. That is the main reason I bought the Streaming Stick+. I am not a fan of multiple remotes, especially when the TV on/off/volume control would be all that was needed. Just saying.
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