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Connect to PC via usb to hdmi adapter

I have an unused Roku 3800x.  I would like to connect to my PC monitor, but I'm not sure what adapters will work. The PC is an HP7800 running Windows 7 (32 bit) with USB 2 ports. I am using the onboard VGA output.  I have a bluetooth adapter in use with headphones that work fine.

The monitor is n HP LA1951g monitor with VGA (used by my PC) and an unused DVI port.  No built in speakers.

I see a few options:

1. Use a USB to HDMI adapter to connect to my PC via USB 2

2. Use an HDMI to DVI adapter to connect to my monitor and an audio cable to connect from the adapter to my PC speakers

3. Replace the monitor with an HDMI port and speakers built in.

4. Give the whole project up and go back to crossword puzzles for entertainment.

I'd like to do this as inexpensively as possible, but don't want to end up with fuzzy or choppy video.

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Re: Connect to PC via usb to hdmi adapter

If you could use DVI with your PC, you can get a VGA to HDMI adapter:

You can also use a USB to auxiliary converter to plug your speakers into your monitor:

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Level 7

Re: Connect to PC via usb to hdmi adapter

I used a VGA to HDMI adapter and my Roku TV said that it was not connected it was powered up everything was set up perfectly and it will not work I need help

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