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Connect existing sound system to Roku device

My LG TV doesn't have it's own sound system. I have it connected up to a set of Pinnacle speakers.  I was able to connect my sound system to me old Roku, easy peasy, but the newer Roku I bought doesn't have any place to plug the connector in.  What can I do, when the sound comes from a different source than the TV?  

I don't know much about the technical side of all this, so if it's possible to answer in pretty simple terms, that would be great, although answers of any ilk would be much appreciated!  It seems strange that Roku would elminate such a basic feature, so I'm hoping the problem is me not knowing what I need to do.



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Re: Connect existing sound system to Roku device

If your sound system has an A/V receiver then life is very simple:

Roku -> AVR -> TV

If it's an audio-only receiver/amp look for an HDMI audio extractor. 

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