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Connect Roku Express to a cable box?

Is it possible to connect Roku Express to a cable box?

Recently switched to Spectrum, was told by the tech to buy a Roku so I wouldn't have to rent an additional cable box for the bedroom.  Only problem is, with the wireless connection via Roku, there is no way to pause, access my cable box library, fast forward or set up favorite channels as I did with the cable box.  When I had direct TV I ran an additional HDMI cable from a splitter connected to Direct TV's cable box.  I was able to do access everything on the TV in the bedroom the same as in the livingroom with one box.  Spectrum tech said their equipment won't work like that. Hence, the advice to purchase Roku Express.  Is there any way possible to hook up the cable through Roku Express to access the features on my cable box?

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Re: Connect Roku Express to a cable box?

If it's anything like Xfinity/Comcast, you would need the Spectrum app on your Roku. For Xfinity, X1 users can access most recordings because they are actually 'cloud' recordings, or cloud copies of physical recordings.

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