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Cannot link 2nd device to existing account; how to?

I've had an account and an old Roku device for years. I just bought an Express+. During activation it asks for my email address, and says if I have an existing account, use that email address. So I do. I get the activation email with the link, and I press it. I enter the info in the form (name, etc.), and the Roku site tells me the email address is already in use. Well of course it's mine, and the device told me to use that email address. So it refuses to link the new device to the existing account. I can't go any further with the activation process, so I create a new account. But now I want to link the new device to the existing account (which has all my channels set up, etc., etc.). How can I do that? I'm even not opposed to factory resetting the new device...but that will bring me back to the "email already in use" when I try to activate on the web. TIA.

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