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Can't (physically) connect Roku Premier to my Panasonic TV

I just bought a Roku Premier which comes with an HDMI cable.  I can't find an HDMI port on my ~5 year old (maybe a bit more) Panasonic tv; can't find a model name or number either.

Am I missing something or is my TV not compatible with current generation Roku devices?  If the latter, any fix besides a new TV?

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Re: Can't (physically) connect Roku Premier to my Panasonic TV

It would seem unlikely, but certainly not impossible, to have a TV that new without an HDMI port. But if it truly does not have an HDMI port, then no, your Roku is not compatible. The Express+ is the only Roku with analog outputs, but that of course doesn't support HD audio.

I would look over the TV more closely for an HDMI port, or at least the model number so we can verify its capabilities. 

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