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Can't activate ROKU TV; can't find set up screen;

Husband in hospice/dementia; bought Roku TV while I slept. He 'set up' incorrectly.  Because he's dying using my name/email.  I did not view set up; didn't know he had activation code sent to my email.  Once email found; activation code expired.  Need new activation code; can't find set up screen anymore on Hisense Roku TV; can't link any of our previous Roku streaming channels to this TV. 

Have emailed this problem twice to Roku - no response.  Yes, I've waited 24+ hours.  Unplugged Roku TV hoping to find the set up screen. Have looked in every subsection of 'Set up' and can't find 'set up screen' where an activation code would go.

Have seen every set up info on Roku Site; tried unplugging for 30 minutes.  

No Roku Site gives instructions as to what to do if lost set up screen; no activation code.  Been working on this issue for 3 days now.  Please help; please, please help.

At wits end.

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Re: Can't activate ROKU TV; can't find set up screen;

If you go to Settings > System > About does it show that it is attached to an email address?

You can do a factory reset to start over.