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Bluetooth Headphone Without Muting TV

I have a senior in the household with us whose hears ok for most things, but has issues with some pitches.  This is particularly noticeable when watching TV, as he will end up turning up the volume to levels which seem blaring to everyone else.  

What we would like to do, is put him in a set of noise canceling bluetooth headphones at his own volume, while the rest of us just listen to the TV from the main speakers at a more normal volume.  
Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a way set up the Roku (we have a 1y old Ultra and a new TV with built in Roku) without muting the TV speakers.  The secret code seems to only allow the remote headset jack to work at the same time as the TV speaker, and the isn't a very good solution anyway (two issues...he is a senior who will get frustrated have to remember and put in the code each and every time AND we don't want him to be the one with the remote).

Anyone have any solutions or suggestions (even if it is something like a third party audio solution (like a sound bar/system) that would work)?

Thank you very kindly.

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Re: Bluetooth Headphone Without Muting TV

You didn't specify if you are using a Roku TV or an external Roku streaming device so I am going to give a more generalized answer.

If your TV has a mini-jack or RCA plugs for external speakers, you can add the capability there to transmit via bluetooth.  Amazon has a number of bluetooth transceivers that can be set to transmit mode.

By the way, if the headphones support the aptX audio codec then I recommend making sure you get a transceiver that also supports it.  There might be an added cost to getting aptX support but I find it make a noticable difference in terms of quality and reducing lip sync issues over the bluetooth a2dp standard.]

Lastly, most of the products that indicate they are for use in a car or jogging will automatically turn themselves off after a specified time.  If he is willing to turn it back on whenever he uses it, that should be fine.  Otherwise, you may want to find one that has the option to be left on continually.
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Re: Bluetooth Headphone Without Muting TV

We had (have, just unused ATM) a Ultra and just bought a new TV which has built in Roku, so we can use either (would prefer Roku TV, as I prefer the remote on it).

Looking at the bluetooth transceivers, it appears the RCA, 35mm, and Optical all seem to be able to send audio w/o turning off the audio at the source.  Only HDMI seems to have this forced either/or issue.  I will look into the transceivers more, as well as their various audio syncing codecs.  

Appreciate the help, thanks!
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