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Blinking LED light

Bought new a Roku last night a Target. Got home plugged everything in. No Roku logo pops up...TV stays on black screen and Roku light just keeps flashing. HDMI works with other devices and picture comes in fine, just not with the Roku. (TV only has one HDMI port) Tried resetting Roku, power cycled router and still nothing. I’m so frustrated at this point.

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Level 19

Re: Blinking LED light

@KeyRx4  Thanks for the note! Sorry to hear about the issue you're running into. A couple suggestions to try here: 

- Make sure you are using the included wall power adapter to power your device. Some USB ports do not provide enough voltage to do so properly. 

- Try using a different HDMI cable, or swap the ends of the cable. It's possible there could be an issue with the cable that could affect functionality. 

- Try performing a factory reset on the device. While it is plugged into power, press and hold the reset button on your device for at least 20 seconds. For some models, you will need to carefully insert a pin or pen tip into the small reset hole on the back of the device and depress the internal button for at least 20 seconds. 

- Try connecting the device to another TV to see if it works normally. If the same issue occurs, there may be an issue with the device. We'd recommend exchanging the unit for a different one (most likely the quickest option), or our support team can also help process a replacement under warranty. 

Keep us posted! 




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