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Audio guide and voice control

Once the ROKU had speech for those of us who are blind, I eventually purchased 2 of them.
At 1point they kept rolling back version 7.5. Now today in my livingroom I have 9.
But even with a newer version, there are still channels
which have little or no "audio guide" These include
ABC-News, PBS Video, and youtube. In addition, "Watch ILTV" won't even load.
Since I am a news-junky, I went in the voice search, said "cbc news"
Well, it installed I-Heart Radio, which had a `much better voice than an "audio guide"
Wish I could make that one a defalt.
And lastly, as far as the forum layout, please consider a simpler non-javascript layout.
Reading in a Linux text browser, the Birthday fields make little sense.
Also, that 2nd toolbar may not be nesasary!
Thanks so much in advance for listening

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