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I just purchase a TCL Roku TV and attempting to set up for my daughter. But it will not let me go any further than entering my email. I opened the link it sent to my email to complete activation.  However since their site is down I am unable to activate the TV and it be used.  The Roku site it says that there customer support will be down between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. April 14th. Now it is long past 8 p.m. and the link still isn't working because it says their site ua still down. But i can post this comment. Smh makes no sense. You suck Roku!!!

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Re: Activation

Maybe your browser cached the redirection page and is forwarding you to that regardless of whether or not the activation server is having problems. So maybe it's your browser that's the cause of the problem.

Neither Roku's main support page ( nor independent DownDetector ( show any widespread reports of outages or connectivity issues. That would point toward something else. So, what browser are you using? And what OS on your computer?

That may indicate if your browser is likely to be caching the redirection.

If that's what's happening, you may be able to resolve it by clearing the cache on your browser, as well as all history, cookies, and local storage for *

Let us know what the info is, and if any of those suggestions make a difference.

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