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A New Blinking Light Issue???

I have an older roku express i ordered new on amazon, when it arrived it had the older remote where you had to point it at the roku for anything to change, but i found ab issue with it which has a blinking light at the top left of the screen whenever your doing a video from YTV NETFLIX HULU AMAZON PRIME or any other video streaming service, if there is a fix to this please let me know

-To all needing a helpful hand, i will try to help the best I am able
-I hope all will return the same gratification if i need assistance as the same as I would try to help others
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Re: A New Blinking Light Issue???

Does the blinking light have a certain shape?  Is it blinking at regular intervals or is it random?  It doesn't occur when you're on the Roku's home screen or other menus?  Does the blinking occur on your screen with TV channels or other video sources?

First, I would remove the HDMI cable (if you're using an HDMI cable) from both the Roku and TV.  Next, remove power from the TV, Roku and any other connected devices for at least 30 seconds.  Reconnect the HDMI cable.  Then, power the TV back on and any other connected devices, and finally, power on the Roku.  (Edit: It might also be worth trying a different HDMI cable that is rated for 4K 18Gbps throughput).

If this doesn't work, the next thing you might want to try is a factory reset.  Note that after the reset you will have to relink your Roku account to your Roku Express and sign into your wireless network.  You'll also have to sign back in to any apps that require a sign-in.  Here's a link indicating how to do a factory reset.  Here's a link detailing how to link your account to your Roku.  You don't have to reselect the apps you had installed on your Roku as these are saved in your account and will be reinstalled on your Roku when you link to your Roku account.

If none of these steps eliminate the blinking light on your screen, it's quite likely your Roku Express is defective.
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