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2nd time attempt to hook up ...I can't even get the screen to come

I have all parts and downloaded the apps.First hook up was in a hotel.Worked fine! Now I'm home and nothing @DiabolosGSpot 

#Roku ultra lt

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Re: 2nd time attempt to hook up ...I can't even get the screen to come

Are you saying you see nothing on the screen? Do you see the dancing Roku logo when it's first powered up? If you see nothing, then there's likely a problem with your HDMI cable or the TV itself. The boot screen should appear on any TV, since it's at a basic low level resolution. If you see the boot screen, but then it goes blank, there might be a resolution support problem.

Some older HDMI TVs would only accept a 1080i input, while all Roku players support 1080p. The Roku can also output 720p, which is accepted by far more TVs, but there are still a few that are very limited on their HDMI support. But those would be pretty old TVs by now. Is there another TV close by that you can test the Roku on, to see if it's something specific to the TV? 


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