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software update from 10.5 to 10.0 made my TV screen blank

We have a TCL Roku TV (model number 7108X). It worked perfectly in the past few years. Tonight I found the AirPlay didn't work anymore (our MacBook Air laptops and iPad could cast screen on the TV.), so I tried to update the Roku TV software. I noticed it would update from version 10.5 to 10.0.0:4209. I thought the 10.5 version caused AirPlay to stop working, so they were trying to downgrade to an older version. However, when it's done updating and the TV was restarted, the screen went blank (it's still on and has glare, not like the completely black when power is off). While nothing is showing on the screen, I could hear some sound when I used the remote control. Also, the AirPlay seemed working even though nothing is showing up on the TV screen.

Please help! Otherwise our perfect TV is ruined. 😞



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