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security setting in Roku players

Hello,  I am needing to upgrade one of my Roku devices, the 2500x HD. It won't call up shows, etc.  It's old so I am okay with this.  I've been reading all the reviews regarding the

Express 4K+

Streaming Stick 4K

Streaming Stick 4K+

I've read the differences and had to write them down to keep track since they are SO similar.

I found a review, which I didn't bookmark and wish I had... it compared them all really well and mentioned one thing the other reviews don't speak to and that is the version of the security on the different devices.  I don't remember the exact wording they used.. security setting or software.  Sorry I don't remember the exact term.  The reviewer stated that one of the devices had an updated version of the security setting, which was something to take into account.  I'm pretty sure it was one of the streaming sticks but I cannot swear to it.  I am hoping someone here with more knowledge might be able to help me with the answer so I can order one soon?  

If I need to give any other information, let me know but honestly, I think this is all I can remember.  

Thank you in advance,


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Re: security setting in Roku players


It would be quite interesting to see what some reviewer thought was the difference in security between the current lineup of Roku devices. They all run the same software, so I have no idea what the reviewer thought was the difference. If you find that article again, post it. But there is no difference between the software running on the devices.

I will say that the Sticks are generally easier to take when traveling, and that most hotels have poor security on their WiFi, but that has nothing to do with the Roku devices themselves. You could take any Roku device and connect via the Dorm/Hotel Connection process on any of them. It's the hotel WiFi that would be unsecure, not the Roku. Maybe that's what the reviewer was trying to say.

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