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roku devices are not always reliable

I have multiple roku devices and consider myself a roku expert and find that the reliability of operations is sporadic recently.  Slow actions, poor remote connectivity and overall dissatisfaction with  the system. a


1-  newer model sitcks have connectivity problems with remotes that require resetting or use of mobile app to get the roku stick to work.

2- sluggish movement  of roku stick actions with excellent wifi connectivity.


If i didnt have multiple items  and problems I'd think it was a single product but its been on multiple sitcks.   frustration is growing.

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Re: roku devices are not always reliable


I also consider my self a Roku Expert. And I think a better understanding of what you're encountering could be had if you were to include the model numbers of the devices in question.

I've not encountered issues with remotes, whether on my Steambar (9202), Ultra (4660), Premiere+ (3921), or Streaming Stick+ (3810). My stick is not the least bit sluggish.

I have a mesh network with many access points to provide good network coverage. I wonder, lacking details on your devices, if your network may have some bad spots at your location. There's also the question of the band you're using and the channel. Maybe with some more information, we can determine what's going on, since you're having issues, and I'm not.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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