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Widgets on Screensaver

Hi. I recently added a new screensaver and it says "Weather and Clock widgets available," but I don't want those widgets. How do I turn them off so I can just enjoy the screensaver pictures? The clock one is already hidden, but the weather one won't go away.

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Re: Widgets on Screensaver

Look under the screensaver's settings.  I'm not sure where they hide them anymore.  It may be under "Themes".

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Re: Widgets on Screensaver

I have the same problem, and there is no "screensaver settings" section. There are screensavers, and you can click on each screensaver, but there are no settings for them.

These are super annoying because every time I turn on my tv, I now see a widget asking me to buy something, and when I hit home it sends me to the payment page instead.


Re: Widgets on Screensaver

As far as I can tell, the "Weather widget is available" thing is basically an advertisement, which will go away in about 30 seconds if you don't touch anything, but you can't completely get rid of it and it comes back every time you leave and then return to the screensaver.

I didn't even really want a screensaver! This thing was called "Christmas Eve WALLPAPERS." Why can't I just get a Christmas wallpaper for my home screen????


Re: Widgets on Screensaver

I was getting frustrated not being able to cut the TV off. But rest this so thank you 

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Re: Widgets on Screensaver

On my TV I have to pay for the weather widgets but as for the screensaver settings when you apply the screensaver it will say go to channel if you click on that that's where you find the screensaver settings

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Re: Widgets on Screensaver

I have the same issue; don’t want to see the weather widget but can’t turn it off.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the date was actually correct.  Mine has the week of Sept 18th…always!!

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Re: Widgets on Screensaver


Thanks for the post.

Can you please provide more information about the issue you are experiencing? What screensaver are you using? 

For more information about that screensaver's features and functionality, you'll want to contact the channel/app's support directly to inquire further. Many channels on Roku are developed and maintained by the channel provider themselves. 


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Re: Widgets on Screensaver

This is very poor of Roku...

"Hey add a cool looking fireplace (or tropical island) to your wall as a screen saver, isn't that nice?" -Roku

- Well yes, but now there is a "weather widget (only for the US) now sits on top of the beautiful screensaver. Which I'd rather not see, so I'll just change the settings to "hidden" like the clock. After all when I want to relax, listen to music, and view a beautiful screen saver scene, I'd love to see what time it is, what the weather is, how my stocks are performing or not, **bleep**, why not add direct messages from my to the list." -User with sarcasm

"Perhaps we can then put something that adds no value and annoys the fruck out of our customers, then just ask them to buy the "best choice"  a lifetime membership subsripition for only $9.99, so that the annoying frozen dates and weather are at least accurate, and many might hope that they will then be able to hide it. That way we can collect $10 a person who either wants to see the weatehr or who wants to see if paying ten bucks will make it go away. " - Roku

=> Give us the Option (or ability) to hide each and every single widget! 

And quit selling out to the advertisers. Just charge us more to buy the device, if you need more profit.  


Re: Widgets on Screensaver - unwanted ads

Not sure what more info is needed! Read the posts! This has nothing to do with individual screensavers. It is Roku trying to get money out of its client base. The problem is that we don’t want the weather widget! We are forced to see an ad for it constantly despite the fact that we don’t want it. It’s getting ridiculous and almost bad and enjoying for me to simply get a fire stick and call it a day. We’re forced to look at an ad that has the wrong date and wrong weather on it. It’s sad that we’re almost being forced to buy it just to get rid of it. This is upsetting a lot of potential lost customers. Whoever had this idea at Roku needs to be fired, as all they are doing is pissing off existing customers. Please allow us to turn off the widget ad!