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Why are seasonal wallpapers/screensavers not offered permanently?

  • Why can we not make seasonal wallpapers and/or screensavers permanent? I'm so sick of Roku changing the seasonal background or screensaver after only a week! The 2022 fall/Halloween screensaver was my favorite; we only had it a week (two at the most) and now its gone, and it's not even past Halloween yet (or Fall)!! I'm not happy with this specific service. PLEASE give your customers what they want!! We want the ability to use the custom/seasonal themes for THE WHOLE SEASON (or however long we choose), not just a week! This issue has bothered me for years, this is my last ditch attempt before I start looking into a different product/company that LISTENS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS!! And while I'm at it... please add the fourth Ninja Turtle!
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Re: Why are seasonal wallpapers/screensavers not offered permanently?

Hi @MamaLama516

Thanks for reaching out here in the Community!

Roku releases seasonal themes for several dates throughout the year, such as Valentine's Day or Halloween, and Christmas which is only available for a limited time. Your Roku device will automatically display a seasonal theme and then switch back once the season has passed.
To learn more how/about it, you can visit this link here  Seasonal themes 


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Re: Why are seasonal wallpapers/screensavers not offered permanently?

If that were true, then I wouldn't have 5 Halloween wallpapers 3 weeks after the holiday and zero Christmas wallpapers. 

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