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Reel Rookie

When to install micro SD card during Roku Ultra setup

When during the setup of a Roku Ultra should the micro SD card be installed?

Or do the setup then install the micro SD card.

Also what is the max Gigabyte micro SD card that can be used in the Roku Ultra?

I have an extra 64 GB micro SD card and wanted to use it, will I be able to use it?

Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated.


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Re: When to install micro SD card during Roku Ultra setup

First of all, are you sure your Ultra can take a microSD card?  The latest model (2020 Ultra model 4800) doesn't even have a slot.

Assuming it does have a slot, there's two answers as to when to insert it.  The first is when you get a message on the screen that says it's recommended.  If you never get that message there's no sense in putting one in.  If you do get that message, you insert it when it's powered up and sitting on the Home Screen.

64GB is way overkill.  It won't use more than a couple of gigabytes and a card that big may not work at all.

Finally, a microSD card is completely unnecessary.  It's only used for channel storage and at best will speed up launching a channel by a slight amount.  I'd say the best reason to use one is to get it to stop nagging you about putting one in.

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