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When casting a video I am prompted for an Apple TV code.

I have been able to cast to Roku for a few years now, suddenly when I go to cast I am being prompted for an Apple TV Code but every time I enter the code it does not work.  What am I missing, this is a common feature that I have grown used to but now cannot enjoy? I have uninstalled Apple with no luck I'm not sure what further I can do to resolve this issue. I've been dealing with this for quite a few months now, I would be grateful for any kind of help to fix it. I am casting from a movie application to my Roku. I cannot name the product as it gets censored. 

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Roku Guru

Re: When casting a video I am prompted for an Apple TV code.

Your post is very confusing. First of all which Roku model are you using? You say you cast Apple TV. Then you say you uninstalled Apple. If you have the Apple TV channel on your Roku why are you casting to it? So you have Apple TV on your phone and you’re casting it over to your Roku? If that’s the case all that is happening is it is launching the Apple TV channel on your Roku. It’s not actually casting to it. Do you currently have a subscription to Apple TV? Did you properly setup Apple Airplay on your Roku and Homekit 2 on your iPhone? Are you running iOS 15.4?

Can you go to AirPlay in settings and let us know what you see in there?
The settings should be
Airplay: On
Require code: First time Only
Subtitles captioning
About Airplay



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