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Warranty is not honored and it’s not eve a year and when tech support causes and additional problem

 The warranty is not out and it hasn’t been a year since I purchased the television.  I called hissence to inquire about my warranty because my Hissence TV was making a ring whistling sound.  When I spoke to a technician she advised me to turn the TV over and reset it.  I followed all of the instructions and when the TV reset it snd stopped the ringing but another problem occurred.  The TV now has rainbow lines going down the left side of the TV.  She advised me to cut the TV off for 5 min and cut it back on but that didn’t help at all it still stayed the same 5 days later and it has the lines going down and across.  I called the warranty dept and was told to send pictures (see attached pictures).  A day later I was asked to send two more back which I did.  24 hours pass and I didn’t hear anything so I waited and called back two days later.  Today 10/7/22 I called and was told tha I had to FIND a dealer near me to fix the TV with my own funds.  I found this unacceptable so I asked for a supervisor.  The representative put me on hold  3X just to come back and tell me there was no supervisor available.  I called back because the way he talked ti me he had no empathy and I felt he was not telling me the truth.  I was put on hold and I hung up that’s when someone called and and again I was told that there was no supervisor available at all and that I would get a call back in 24 hours.  

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