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Wallpaper/Seasonal Themes

When will the seasonal themes and sounds be updated again?  There hasn’t been any updates in the themes prior to Halloween and it is now nearly Christmas, and still nothing.  No Hanukkah, No Christmas, No Thanksgiving, yet there is something for everything else including Asian Heritage Month (which I never knew existed and am thankful for), Juneteenth and Pride, but nothing else in a while.  The sounds could all be updated too instead of catering more towards childrens themes, perhaps maybe something universal or allow the customers to customize their own sounds, themes and maybe use their own photos for wallpapers without having to download a separate app with ads so it is user friendly for all.  Many of the wallpapers available for sale are basically scams by other sellers and don’t work most of the time so it would be nice to have something directly from Roku to be able to do this in the settings tab on Roku TV’s. 

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