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Utterly frustrated with website and product

I have never been a person to return items… unless absolutely necessary/ or I believe a product “sucks” and the amount of money I spent I should be allowed somewhat higher expectations… 

I bought the Onn Roku sound bar, subwoofer, surround sound combo…. ~$180 or so. Unfortunately my apartments moved my move in date back by over a week and I was working whilst moving… so set-up was my least concern. 
I did ACTUALLY read the set up instructions (not that they are great) but I did, all of them, Bc I didn’t wanna mess anything up. Did full set up and it was great, but every day I had to try to reset the wireless sub until it stopped working altogether (maybe a 10 days time period) 

next the sound bar goes out. I have unplugged, done the resets, unplugged and waited days, moved ALL Bluetooth etc away from the speakers… EVERYTHING!! 
because I have passed the 30 day return policy! There is no guidance on any website that helps resolve the issues!! 

and now I am on the roku website trying to figure out how/where and who I need to reach out to… and it takes me in circles. 

I literally bought the product 5-6 weeks ago. The website should be better. The product should be better. I am very sad and disappointed. 

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Re: Utterly frustrated with website and product

ONN products are made by Walmart - If you bought it there you'd return it there; otherwise you return it to the retailer you bought it from or use ONN's warranty process/processor.