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Upgrading from Roku - 1st generation - need input

Comparing Roku Ultra  and Roku Streambar, the Ultra seems to most popular, but I currently have sound issues and think Streambar might be better, but may be misunderstanding what sound modulation is.  Another issue is with subtitling - on all channels if you hit the pause all subtitling is covered up - in short can no longer read it.

If any of you who have either or both of these devices and would give me a sentence or two about your device/experience it would be greatly appreciated.   

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your knowledge with an ole "if it ain't broke - don't mess with it, gal."

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Roku Guru

Re: Upgrading from Roku - 1st generation - need input

Things have improved for subtitling since the 1st generation Roku, for the most part.

How pausing impacts subtitling changes depending which Roku channel you are watching.  Several continue to display the subtitles while paused while some others hide the subtitles on the paused screen.

But both Roku Ultra and Roku Streambar use the same latest version of Roku OS so both handle subtitling the same.

For sound, things are a slightly more complicated.

If you have a television that is just as old 1st generation Roku then it does not have a HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) port.  To use the Roku Streambar, you will have to make sure the television has an Optical Audio (also called TOSLINK) port to plug the Streambar into for sound.

If you are the only person watching the TV, a Roku Ultra might work since the remote control includes a headphone jack.

Also, both the Roku Ultra and Streambar support "Private Listening" on a smartphone via the Roku app.


If you need further details, some information from you which might help provide better answers would be:

What is the manufactor and model of television you are using?

What channels are the most important for subtitling to work with when paused?

What exactly is the sound issues you are having?

Is your 1st generation Roku connecting to your network via an ethernet cord or is it using wireless networking?

Are you comfortable with configuring a new device to connect to a wireless network instead of plugging it into the network via an ethernet cord?


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