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Unable to install a microSD card

I am using a Roku 2 device and recently had messages to install a microSD card when watching certain channels (e.g., Apple+ TV). I purchased a Samsung 32 GB microSD card class 10 (microSDHC EVO Select Memory Card). When I insert the card into the slot on my Roku device, I get a message "microSD card detected" and a question whether I want to format the card, with two options: "cancel" or "format". It seems that the default option is "cancel", but I am unable to toggle to "format" with my remote, when using either the original Roku remote or my Logitech Harmony One remote that I routinely use to control my TV output. In fact, the screen appears to be frozen. Any solution? Thank you.

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Re: Unable to install a microSD card


The Roku 2 model 4210, and all Roku devices that support a microSD card, only use 2 GB of a card. The devices are designed to work with that size only. Larger size cards can sometimes be properly read, but will not use over 2 GB.

Note that Roku only sells 2 GB cards for that very reason. Keep in mind that you really don't need a microSD card for a Roku to work. All they do is to increase the onboard channel/app storage. The device will not run faster, it simply won't have to re-download an app if the app is still on the card/device. If you use enough apps to cause them to roll off with the larger storage, it won't make a difference. It really depends on how many apps you use.

If you really want to use a microSD card, use the smallest you can. Anything over 2 GB is a waste.

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