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Binge Watcher

Unable to EDIT/REMOVE programs I’ve added to my FEED

There are shows on my FEED

that I no longer wish to FOLLOW.
But there is NO on screen OPTION to UNFOLLOW some of these shows.
Even after I SEARCH for the program and go into it that way I see no option to UNFOLLOW.
This shouldn’t be Rocket Science to REMOVE something I once ADDED.
This is so frustrating.
Can you people make sure the UNFOLLOW button does not disappear from programs added to the FEED?????



Re: Unable to EDIT/REMOVE programs I’ve added to my FEED

II have been have issues to EDIT/REMOVE shows from 'My Feed'.  Now, the latest update is screwing everything up.  Doesn't Roku have secure safeguards in place so hackers cannot access its system along with our personal information?


Re: Unable to EDIT/REMOVE programs I’ve added to my FEED

I had this same issue, and it turned out that I was following a person rather than a particular show.  In my case, I was following Rupaul, and for some strange reason, the only thing that showed up in My Feed was Rupaul's Drag Race: Untucked which I could not unfollow.  After doing a search for Rupaul, I selected that entry which indicated that I was currently following, and it gave me the option to unfollow.  After selecting the unfollow option, the show no longer appears in My Feed.  It would be much easier if Roku would just give us the option to manage the My Feed queue via the web site, but failing that, I would suggest checking to see if you're following one of the actors in the program in question, and if so, unfollow that person.

Binge Watcher

Re: Unable to EDIT/REMOVE programs I’ve added to my FEED

Thank you much, Rick. 

it’s been a while since I’ve followed any actors, but I will certainly check on  that. 

It’s cool that this year I can bring the New Year in with programming on the ROKU, but I’d really rather the ability to easily edit my Feed.

Dont know why but somehow the ABC nightly news program popped up on my feed. I didn’t add it, and what’s there isn’t the series but one broadcast from years ago... odd...and there’s no option to remove it. Crazy.

Anyway... 🥂 Cheers!!

Happy New Year

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