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Ultra 4640x Upgrade or Keep?

This Roku Ultra (4640 series)  has never given me issues, but I’m trying to understand if upgrading to today’s model will better leverage my component’s capabilities (Dolby Atmos, 4K, etc).

Any clarifications and recommendations are greatly appreciated, even if the suggestion is to upgrade TV and/or Soundbar.

Current components:

Thank you!

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Roku Guru

Re: Ultra 4640x Upgrade or Keep?

The 2020 Ultra (4800):

1)  Dolby Vision HDR support

2)  Dolby Atmos-level decoder (this means it can transcode non-DTS audio output to Atmos, depending on the connected device, such as by default in "Auto detect" mode, which most people dont want)

3)  NetFlix Atmos support (as does the 4K/4K+ NF app)

4)  AV1 support (important for future 4K/HDR compatibility for YT/YTTV/NF etc...)

5) HDR Always on support (enabled by default, which most people dont want).

6) Other features your 4640 doesnt have such as limited Bluetooth support (see the product specs)

It lacks an Optical output port, but can decode/transcode to HDMI.

You have to decide if its worth it for you.

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Streaming Star

Re: Ultra 4640x Upgrade or Keep?

3)  NetFlix Atmos support (as does the 4K/4K+ NF app)

Does that mean that Atmos from a Netflix (or other) stream won’t be passed through from the 4640X when it’s connected to an Atmos enabled soundbar or TV?

And wouldn't you want the soundbar to do the transcoding (if it's capable) rather than the Roku?

Roku Ultra 4640X
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