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Time for ROKU to wake up and get seriously into the game..

So for those like many who getting fed up with the whole Spectrum Roku BS... Here are fee other factors that really got to be addressed.. 

#1 as far as the device goes control or transferring video feed from one device to another. Or in this case lack of. For example if I am watching TV in the Kitchen and want to move to the living room. Its not smooth process. Start the Living room Roku search for APP start APP, search in most APPS the channel or show or movie... Like WTF really, how about way to transfer it to another ROKU or all ROKU in the house...

#2 VIdeo feed issue for live TV. For those using Spectrum or other APPS for live TV. Have you ever noticed the video feed issue of delay from one TV VS another TV or Cable Box.. Its very delayed and very noticeable...

#3 Audio system concept so Roku has there audio system which uses Roku chanels or Air Play 2. But going back to #1 issue how would you be able to utilize multi speakers to play all at once for multi room or whole house ? Which also brings up issue of Roku supporting Denon but not being able to actually work with Denon.. For example and I have tried this, hooking up Roku to Denon Receiver to utilize Air Play 2 support which is very flaky. I using iPhone Pro 12 with Pandora. In theory the Roku when activated should wake Denon receiver up play music through speakers.. NOPE........ Nor control volume........ Even though its plugged directly in the receiver and have HDMI 

#4 try to be like SONOS, to point Roku is trying to be like SONOS with there audio system.. But unlike SONOS, or supported Onkyo, Yamaha receivers have integration into Lutron, Wink, SmartThings, Alarm.com, Apple Home Kit, etc... Not to mention Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google. and Fido voice systems which allow users to transmit audio to one or more rooms. 

#5 things that never done by Roku 

- Video DVR - yeah I know I can use Plex to do this, but come on why use so many apps

- Home automation - Hub or device control

- Supported Door Video Door Bell video feed or use remote to respond to someone at door. Example watching movie door bell rings, pauses movie and brings up notification PIP view of Video feed pauses movie till I answer the door go  to the door and return hit play..

-remote - numbers for example Spectrum app for those who have it still. Not so easy to scroll through 100's of channels.

- Video hub - so if your wondering about this one let me break it down. in theory Roku could be used in manor where you could have transmitted video feed from Wireless input or wired input from HDMI. Think about TV or Receiver having ability to change video input of HDMI. Which solves issue #1, #2, #3. Companies like Netgear offer POE tp HDMI input and output to custom config for whole house or business application of video viewing. Think of it as Casting or Apple TV on larger scale.. Most people never think about this future but in theory would use it for simple fact of offering wireless feeds through out home or business to one or multi devices.. Could even be used for gammers, work from home, events, etc.. 

#6 there gammers - Roku could be tapping into multi Billion $ industry...

#7 Video conferencing - Since March 2020 has become big business and something millions of people do every day..

I love to hear people thought or ideals on this subject..


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Re: Time for ROKU to wake up and get seriously into the game..

My thoughts are that unless any of those things can bring a continuous revenue stream Roku has no interest.  It's clear to me they're more about making money via deals, partnerships, and, most importantly, ads than selling devices.  You can only sell a device once, but you can make lots of money jamming endless ads down users' throats.

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